A Priceless Sophomore Year.

Yup. I’m a sophomore. And this year was great. How can I simply express what my sophomore year was like in just a few sentences? I learned countless number of things. Some hard courses such as Asian Studies, English 10 and  AP Biology expanded my range of common sense. I learn so much not only in academics, but also a lot generally about life. Should I use cliches such as: “Life is like a roller coaster”, or “Life is like an onion”, or “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” ? No, that is not enough. I want something original. I want to name this year “Priceless”. Its value is so great that it cannot be determined.

There are numeral life lessons that I want to talk about.

One of the most important things I learned this year is that you can’t have it all. If you want something, you have to learn how to sacrifice. For example, if you want good grades, you should sacrifice your free time and use that time to study for tests and quizzes. This was one of the theme from Brave New World! The people in the World States sacrificed their rights for their happiness.

I also learned that procrastination brings you much cost. Time management has been the biggest problem for me. As I get older and the more things that I have to do, time management is a critical skill necessary  in order to survive high school. I realized why sophomores are only allowed to take 1 AP class. After taking an AP class, I realized how scary procrastination is. Now that I’ve got a taste of what an AP class is like, next year, I’ll work harder to avoid procrastinating.

Everything depends on  how you approach it. Everybody has their own burden. Everyone has to cope with their own hardships. Big hug dilemma for some people could be nothing to others. Small insignificant event  can be a life-changing critical moments depending who you are and how yo perceive things. After realizing your perspective of life really depends on the attitude, it really helped me when I faced difficulties. I reminded myself that I’m not the only one who’s going through, this too will pass, and that this could be nothing for some people.

These life-learned lessons cannot be found in textbooks or in articles. Only through experience, they are learned.


Joo’s Movies.

Just two weeks ago, I watched the movie Butterfly Effect. It is the BEST movie EVER!

I recommend it to everyone, except for those of ones with a weak heart. The movie was a thriller. No, it was the epitome of a thriller. It scared me so much but it was fun! But what was more fun than the movie was watching the movie with a gang of people I like! Watching it together made the movie seem 10 times better than it actually is. Few people: Dennis, Lisa Kim, Jaeook and other people who were in Spanish class had to watch a movie called Butterfly Effect because it was their Spanish project to make up their own ending of the movie. So they got permission from Mr. Joo and watch it in his room after school. The Spanish people invited other close friends like me, Heejae and Hyunwoo. Together, all six or seven of us watched the projector with intense sparkling eyes. After the movie, all of us were satisfied with the group that we’ve just formed. We promised each other that we should do something like it another time! Last Thursday,

we decided to make another after school movie watch in Mr. Joo’s room. I couldn’t make it cause I had to go to church but the others gathered and watched Silence of the Lamb! The movie I wanted to watch so much. Since it’s final exam soon, I think the next after school movie watching will be after the break! I’m excited and scared to be a Junior.

10 seconds above the ground

I have to admit. I have been enjoying my long relaxing dive through the sky. I have been falling down and down not aware of the fact that I’m getting closer to to a huge collision every second. A nice long parachute dive that I thought would last forever, or at least, didn’t know it would come so fast. With closed eyes I heard the swift air passing by my ears. Each molecule of freshness surrounded my body, making me feel like I ‘m almost part of the atmosphere. So light and so calm. Then. I opened my eyes. Oh no, I was able to see tints of green and brown through a thin layer of the clouds. My dive has almost come to an end.

10 seconds above the ground, hundreds of voices are talking in my minds. Ongoing streams of thoughts fly threw my head. Should I just give up and accept the reality? Should I flap my arms and somehow try to go up again? Should I enjoy till the last moment? Or should I try my best starting from now and open up my parachute.

SAT II Bio and Finals are my greatest enemies. Today being Friday, SAT II is just  24 hours away! And final exams are just around the corner. How wisely can I use my time today? I am panicking, not knowing what to do. I can’t believe I’m writing this blog post at the very moment when I should actually be reading my Baron’s Biology book! I know I’m not ready. Uh-oh. Here comes Procrastination again. This is what ruins my life. Call me the procrastination queen of KIS. I know it’s nothing to be proud of but seriously, I do it “all the time”. I wasn’t like this when I was in middle school, but as I entered high school, I don’t know what has gotten into me. I began to procrastinate, and now – a almost a junior – sophomore girl has gotten into the habit of procrastinating. I can’t fix it! I tried and tried, but it just didn’t work out. How can one worksheet take me 3 hours when the due date is not the next day? If it was in the bus, I know I could’ve finished it in, not 3 hours, but 3 minutes. I am not sure how I will cure this procrastinating illness. I’ll write another blog post when I find the secret of not procrastinating. Good bye.

The Brave New World in Today’s World.

Our English 10 A block has been reading a novel, The Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley. The book is about a dystopian society where every one is under control of the government, living in a place called the World State. “Community, Stability, Identity” is the World State’s motto. To reach community and stability, the people intake soma. Soma is a drug that makes people happy and alleviate from the reality. They continuously take it whenever they want to have sex or are unhappy about something. They also clone people, making 96 identical twins out of one embryo. This contributes to stability because they are the same people, working on the same identical machines as well. No variety brings no collisions. They also brainwash the people from a very early age. They use classical conditioning and something called hypnopaedic. It’s when you turn on a recording and whisper it in the baby’s ear every day every night. After they hear phrases like “Everyone belongs to everyone” for a few hundred times, they will start believing it. To avoid conflict, everyone belongs to everyone, which means there is no boyfriends or girlfriends. There is no marriage. It is a righteous thing for the people of World State to sleep around. Erotic plays are encouraged to young people and laugh at the fact that the premodern people has restricted sexual activities. The World State people are like robots. They live absent minded, carrying out shallow and mindless actions.  They consume as much as possible and throw away anythings that can be thrown away. They think it will bring up the economy. Technology overrules them.

As I was reading this book, it reminded a lot about the world that I’m living in. Of course they are a lot different but the rapid development of the technology means that we are always getting one step closer to the dystopian society such as the World State. Also, the people in the modern world don’t know how to save and be thrifty. We throw away buy new things. Or even somethings, we just continue on buying things even when we don’t need it. More and more people think sleeping around and taking drugs are okay. Some say these things are just being “open-minded” it scares me that the world like the World State might actually take place.

Stay healthy!

What is yellow dust? and how do you prevent the  yellow dust from making us sick?

During the change of seasons, people are especially vulnerable to illness such as the common flu because of sudden change in environment. Yellow dust is one of these sudden change. During spring and winter time, when yellow dust is the worst, students must be especially careful to avoid being getting sick.

The yellow dust is a phenomenon that affects much of East Asia sporadically during the springtime months. The dust originates from the deserts of Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan and are carried through strong winds that produce intense clouds of dust.

These clouds of dust are capable of producing acid rain, carrying toxic pollutants, bacteria, and viruses. Areas affected with concentrated dust experience decreased visibility and stain buildings and automobiles yellow. On the human body, it is known to cause deteriorating effects including sore throat, asthma, and other various health problems. Although the Korean government is trying their best to aid the Chinese in restoring these yellow dust originating regions, this has not alleviated the problem yet.

The side effects of yellow dust may seem not so much sever. However, often times, this change in environment makes people sick. It is important to know how to prevent from getting effected by it. Here are some tips how to not get effected by yellow dust and prevent from getting sick:

1. Wash you hands often.

Washing your hands frequently is probably the most important method to prevent the common cold. It is the most important method, simultaneously, the most effective. Even when outside, regularly washing hands, by even using a sanitizing hand wipes or a sanitizer, can be helpful.

2. Wear a mask.

Especially during winter and spring, when yellow dust is at its worst point, wearing a mask can prevent much of the dust going into the body.

3. Don’t smoke.

Smoking can often damage airways and increase the vulnerability. Even second hand smoking can be harmful. Smoking can bring the similar effect of inhaling yellow dust.

4. Throw used tissues right away

Don’t leave used tissues lying around desks and other surfaces. The viruses can be left on the surface and contaminate others who touch it. Leaving used tissues around can be another cause of spreading the virus.

6. Wear glasses, not lens.

Wearing glasses is better for the eyes than lens especially during the yellow dust season. Wearing contact lens can make the eyes more exposed to dusts because it provides no protection

7. Drink a lot of water!

Water makes up 75% of human body. The amount of water people drink is critical. Dehydration can cause tiredness, constipation, muscle cramps, irregular blood pressure, kidney problems, dry skin, etc. Drinking water is important in maintaing homeostasis the body,  preventing cold.

8. Create a healthy lifestyle.

Last but not least, living a healthy lifestyle and acquiring good habits are important factors of preventing cold. Exercise, eat well. and sleep well. Physical activities and getting enough sleep will enhance the immune system.

Don’t let the yellow dust effect you! Remember these tips and stay healthy!

Dracula Film

Our English 11 class has recently been reading the book Dracula, written by Bram Stoker. On last week’s friday, it was a snow make up day. Which meant that we only had fortyfifve minutes of lesson for each class. Since everyone was already tired at the end of a busy week, Ms. P decided to grant us a movie day! Since we were almost finished reading Dracula at the time, it seemed totally  appropriate to watch the movie Dracula. There were two movies. One was a very old – black and white- version, the other one was a relatively modern version. With the help of popcorns, chips, nachos, coke and other junk food that we brought, either movie wasn’t that bad although it was different from the original book.

We watched the ancient on first. The black and white screen made the movie look even more gothic. Some people in the movie had accents and some didn’t, which made it look weird, but it was interesting to see how the producer of the film interpreted the novel, Dracula. The movie started out with Renfield going to the count’s Castle rather than Jonathan Harker. Jonathan Harker never came out in the movie . The old lady that the crucifix to Jonathan in the book  gave the crucifix to Renfield instead in the movie. The people who were trying to stop him and the driver – the village seemed all so similar to what said in the book except the fact that Jonathan was replaced with Renfield.

The last fifteen minutes of class, we watched the modern version of film Dracula. This one was surprisingly different from the book. Although we only watched fifteen minutes of it, we watched the last part of the movie. It was a scene where count Dracula was human and how we came to loose his soul. He was a great warrior. He went out to fight a great war. When he came back, his lover had committed suicide after hearing a false rumor that Dracula died. He felt betrayal from God because he thought the death of his lover was what he got from God for fighting vigorously to protect his church. With the beautiful corpse laid in front of him in the church, unable to control his anger, he stabs the cross. Blood starts running out of the wooden cross. Like a blood fountain, it soon covers the whole floor of the church. Dracula starts screamming, ” yes, blood.. Blood is the life..”  or at least something like that. Honestly, I didn’t quite get what the producer of the film was thinking or how interpreted the book. The film was interesting…. (although a little bit disturbing to tell the truth)


Not all organisms have the ability work. Some very simple animals are only capable of having a Fixed Action Patter. The animals that are capable of learning things through experience are more of a complex and intelligent. Learning depends on the length of the lifespan and the complexity of the brain. Think of a fruitfly! Just pretend that the fruitfly had the complexity of the brain for it learn. Eventhough it has the ability to, because it only lives a few days, learning is impossible for them. Both requirements has to be met in order to learn. Therefore, the fruitfly has to depend on FAP, an innate primitive behavior that has to be carried on until it’s done. For example, when a goose is rolling its egg back up to its nest up the hill, although the egg is not there anymore, it will still act as if it’s rolling its egg up. Us, humans, having both requirements successfully met, has the ability to learn. There are more organisms in this world that doesn’t have the ability to learn. Thus, I think it’s a gif to learn.

I love learning, because it can never hurt. How can learning something be a waste? Wether it’s a moral lesson, ecology for you biology textbook, a definition of a word, or even the fact that the second cubby of the school library bathroom is broken, can all be useful. Learning makes your life easier. They just build up in you, making you more intelligent, shaping you to be a better person. I know I’m not that old. But seriously. Guys, trust me. I know one thing for sure – learning cannot hurt. How can knowing something ever be harmful? Knowing something gives you the confidence. This is what I like about learning.